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"fairy tail"

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should same be required due to business commitments
Nothing herein prevents the Company from requiring you to work on any public holiday, should same be required due to business commitments
You shall be entitled to al such public holidays as set out in the relevant República de Angola Employment Law and in the event that the public holiday falls on what would otherwise be a normal working day then you will be paid for that day
You will be entitled paid sick leave in accordance with the relevant Article to the República de Angola General Labour Law 2000 and any such leave will only be granted conditional upon all the regulations as set out in the legislation have been met, and that upon returning to work the necessary sick leave application is processes via the Company’s Official Electronic Leave System.
The Company may at its discretion close the Company for short periods of time, during which you will be required to take compulsory leave
All leave applications must be approved by your supervisor to whom 30 days notice must be given of your intention to take leave
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