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willy-nilly por fuerza; quiera o no quiera por fuerza; quiera o no quiera

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The strength of the rock mass cannot be higher than the corrected average IRS of that zone. The IRS has been obtained from the testing of small specimens. However, test work on large specimens shows that large specimens have strengths 80 of the small specimen.
The rock mass strength (RMS) is derived from the IRS (section and the IRMR (Figure 5.33 and section according to the following procedure (Laubscher Jakubec 2001).
Rock mass strength criterion
There are two Laubscher criteria, the rock mass strength criterion and the design rock mass strength criterion. Both are intended for use in underground mining
Laubscher strength criteria
may provide a means of honouring the strength of the rock mass without relying on Mohr-Coulomb, Hoek-Brown or other such constitutive models (section 5.5.6).
Table 5.35: RMR calibrated against rock mass quality and strength
shear strength
to account for the directional
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