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sprinter velocista velocista
sprinter corredor corredor
sprinter velocista (m) velocista (m)
sprinter (female) velocista (f) velocista (f)

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blanking plate
Attrition is the physiological wearing away of dental hard tissues throgh toot to tooth contact.
Attrition: the loss of tooth substance as a result of • tooth to tooth contact during normal or parafunctional masticator activity. Abrasion: the pathological wear of tooth substance • through bio-mechanical frictional processes, e.g. tooth brushing. Erosion: the loss of tooth substance by acid dissolu-• tion of either an intrinsic or extrinsic origin, e.g. gas- tric acid or dietary acids. Abfraction: the pathologic loss of tooth substance caused by bio-mechanical loading forces. It was postulated that these lesions were caused by flexure of the tooth during loading leading to fatigue of the enamel and dentine at alocation away from the point of loading. The word ‘‘abfraction’’ was derived from the Latin ‘‘to break away’’.
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