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"hold out"

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hold out ofrecer; tener; resistir ofrecer; tener; resistir

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Indicative values for m i for some rocks
combination of the intact rock strength and the natural fracture strength as a function of RQD (Call et al. 2000).
As an alternative to methods based on RMR assessments, Call Nicholas Inc. (CNI) developed a criterion that relates the strength of the rock mass directly to the degree of fracturing present in the rock mass through a
Equations given in Hoek et al. (2002) for determining the Young’s modulus of the rock mass (E rm ) using the GSI system for values of s ci either less than or greater than 100 MPa have been modified by Hoek and Diederichs (2006) into a single equation incorporating both GSI and D:
Guidelines for estimating the disturbance factor, D
weight as the triaxial points, which were generally are limited to one value per confining stress (Hoek 2005, editor’s pers comm).
because of the inherent problems with UCS testing, e.g. sample splitting and the potential sensitivity of the sample to inclined imperfections, there tends to be quite a lot of scatter in the uniaxial data. If so, these data overwhelm the triaxial data in the fitting process. To overcome these problems the procedure should rely on the triaxial data. Where there are uniaxial data, the average of all uniaxial data points should be used. In this way the single uniaxial value will have the same
Confining pressures different from these limits can have a significant influence on the m i values (Read et al. 2005);
the confining pressure (s 3 ) values used for the triaxial test should range from 0 to 50 of the UCS (s ci ) strength
the confining pressure (s 3 ) values used for the triaxial test should range from 0 to 50 of the UCS (s ci )
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