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cartoon caricatura caricatura
cartoon dibujos animados; viñeta; tira cómica dibujos animados; viñeta; tira cómica
cartoonist caricaturista caricaturista
cartoonist dibujante dibujante
cartoonist caricarturista caricarturista

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It’s only a matter of time—the bowl will come back one day; things that belong together always do.”
cover and write
That disgusting snake had swallowed it. So I put the two bowls away with a Return Spell. It’s only a matter of time
Return Spell
“I swept it out with the BeGone broom,”
This was done for the purpose of aseismic design.
only one."How can he do such things when he took nothing into the cell?" the warde wondered and taking away Dusen´s shirt, ordered a 3:00 am search of cell 13. He fund nothing but a dead rat stuck
“Zelda means she gave Bert some milk and Balm Brew,” said Wolf Boy. He turned to Aunt Zelda. “So what did you do with the python?”
“I gave her some milk and Balm Brew. It always calms her down.” “You gave the python some milk?” “What?”
“Over what?” asked Septimus, who had got lost on the Frog Fusions.
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