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afterwards posterior, después, pos, despues posterior, después, pos, despues
afterwards después; en seguida; más tarde después; en seguida; más tarde
afterwards después después
afterwards adverb (o): después; luego; más tarde adverb (o): después; luego; más tarde
afterwards a continuación a continuación

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Each cell is statistically associated with one or more of the following failure mechanisms: sliding along adversely oriented discontinuities (Set 1); stepping-up along another steeply dipping discontinuity set (Set 2); or shearing through a rock bridge.
which envisages a potential rupture path through a rock slope as a series of adjacent cells (Figure 5.49).
There is always variability in the length, spacing and orientation of discontinuities. Hence, in practice it may be preferable to use software such as STEPSIM for a probabilistic estimate for these equivalent shear strength parameters by considering the variability of parameters such as discontinuity persistency and strength. The STEPSIM ‘step-path’ routine was originally conceptualised as part of the pit slope design work performed at the Bougainville Copper Ltd mine, Papua New Guinea (Read Lye 1983.) Baczynski (2000) described the latest version of this software, STEPSIM4,
If there are no discontinuity sets subparallel to the slope the rock mass strength is isotropic and the slope has a factor of safety (FoS) equal to 1.29 (Case 1). If there is one discontinuity set subparallel to the slope, dipping 65° towards the pit, the rock mass strength is directional (i.e. weaker in the direction of the discontinuities) and the factor of safety decreases to 1.15 (Case 2). If the set dips 35° towards the pit the factor of safety decreases even more, to 0.99 (Case 3). If there are two sets subparallel to the slope, dipping 35° and 65° towards the pit, the rock mass strength is weaker in two directions and the factor of safety decreases to 0.88 (Case 4).
In Figure 5.48 the examples, computed using the SLIDE software, assumed that the rock mass strength is defined by a cohesion of 400 kPa and a 35° friction angle, while the strength of the non-persistent joints with rock bridges is defined by a cohesion of 150 kPa and a 30° friction angle.
the examples
The importance of considering a directional strength for the rock mass with discontinuities subparallel to the slope is illustrated in Figure 5.48, for the case of 200 m rock slope with a 55° inclination, a 20 m deep tension crack and dry conditions
Definition of the directional strength of a rock mass containing two discontinuity sets. The discontinuities of Set 1 are non-persistent and include rock bridges, while the discontinuities of Set 2 are persistent and have an associated alteration zone
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