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(Rocscience 2005a) using the appropriate values for GSI, s ci and m i . Preferably, the value for m i should be obtained from laboratory UCS (s ci ) and triaxial tests of samples of the intact rock, which can be processed using the freeware RocData program (Rocscience 2004a). If this is not possible, m i can be estimated from a tabulated list of examples in RocLab. Indicative values are given in Table 5.38.
Modified Hoek-Brown failure criterion, 1992
The procedures for calculating the instantaneous effective friction angle and cohesion values for any particular normal stress are essentially the same as for the generalised 1995 criterion, although the process can be simplified by using the freeware RocLab program
For D 1 in a highly disturbed slope 100 m high the equivalent friction angle is reduced to 28° and the cohesion to 350 kPa. Experience-based starting points for judging the extent of the blast-damaged zone resulting from open-pit mine production blasting are given by Hoek Karzulovic (2000). Ultimately, the value selected for D should be validated through observation and measured performance.
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The influence of the parameter can be large and its application requires experience and judgment. Hoek et al. (2002) gave an example using s ci 50 MPa, m i 10 and GSI 45. For D 0 in a tunnel at a depth of 100 m the derived equivalent friction angle is 47° and the cohesion 580 Pa.
It was reintroduced to represent the degree of disturbance to which the rock mass has been subjected by blast damage and stress relaxation, ranging from D 0 for undisturbed rock to D 1 for very disturbed rock masses (Table 5.37).
The introduction of the parameter D represents a re-evaluation of the ‘undisturbed’ versus ‘disturbed’ question that in the 1995 generalised equation had been left for the user to decide by making appropriate adjustments to the GSI value.
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